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Trailsmith Belt

Trailsmith Belt

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  • 13-15oz oak bark bridle leather for J&F Baker's, England
  • Hand-stitched with linen thread
  • Premium solid copper buckle
  • Stitched keep
  • Burnished edges
  • Custom made to measure, with 7 or 9 holes
  • Choice of 3 leather stains and 4 thread colors

Hand-stitched bridle leather belt with solid copper buckle and a stitched-in keep. Made with oak bark bridle leather from J&F Baker's 400 year old tannery in Devon, England. The tanning of these hides is a 15 month process resulting in an exceptional leather for truly lifetime belts. To keep with tradition each belt is saddle stitched by hand using linen thread. The edges are meticulously burnished until they shine. The leather is paired with a premium solid copper buckle. Made to measure. Lead time 1 month.

Design Notes: I wanted to match the Baker's leather with traditional harness and bridle stitching. The stitched-in keep is one of the trickier bridle-work techniques to master. Baker's is an amazing leather to work with and will gently break-in and develop a patina that tells your story. The solid copper buckle, while actually costing around 10 times more than a standard brass buckle, makes this a unique and distinct belt. The best belt leather in the world, artisan hand-stitching, hand-crafted unique buckle.

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